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Wording it in a way that works for you


Below are my areas of expertise, however I am currently developing new areas of knowledge such as business and finance, so if you have a query outside of these subject areas feel free to drop me an email. 

Street Fashion Photography


So you look good worldwide

With over six years of experience in the fashion industry, I am an expert in the field of retail. My previous clients include top French luxury leather goods brands, who I have translated advertising campaigns and look-books for into English for an international readership. Whatever your brand needs, Foxbrush Translation's fashion background means that everything is tailored to suit you.

Poster advertisement


It's not about word-for-word

Ever seen those adverts where the meaning has been completely lost in translation? As an expert who is sensitive to both source and target cultures, Foxbrush Translation is adept at ensuring any word play or pun is transferred in a meaningful way for the new audience. That means no literal or word-for-word translations. When trying to communicate a brand image, it is of key to translate this image first and foremost. Being attuned to the client's needs is something I pride myself on.

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A flyaway success

Travelling has been a huge part of my life from the moment I tried my first ice cream in France as a one year-old! Since then I have journeyed to over 30 countries across five different continents, equipping me with the know-how to translate travel itineraries and mail shout-outs to clients. My fascination is in the interaction between people of different nationalities and cultures, and the importance of bridging that gap through translations.

Cups of Coffee


Let's cut to the cheese

We've all seen foreign menu translations which make us laugh out loud. Not the case here. As an expert on food and drink with an extensive knowledge base and glossary on the subject, I count some of France's top champagne and wine companies among my clients. From press releases on new vintage cuvees to recipes for Lebkuchen, Foxbrush will make sure your food and drink needs are correctly localised and any cultural-specific items are rendered meaningful to the target audience.

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